Our Work

The Cambodia Film Office can handle everything concerning to the shooting as a first point of contact for preparing a shoot in Cambodia. Moreover, it can help you to find a coordinator who could organize all the procedures and all the research.

First Steps in Cambodia

  • It is advised to prepare yourself well in advance. Your local coordinator can help you with all procedures.
  • Foreign filmmakers are required to hire a local coordinator (company or individual) who is officially registered with Cambodia Film Office of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. Each coordinator must present the foreign filmmaker for obtaining any necessary permits. They are also responsible for representing the film company in any matter arising both during and after the completion of shooting in Cambodia and also help you compile the following necessary documents to present to Cambodia Film Office on your behalf

General Information on shooting permits

  • The first document you must be provided with before shooting in Cambodia is a SHOOTING PERMIT from the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. It can be obtained via the Cambodia Film Office, Cinema and Cultural Diffusion Department. However, this permit, according to the kind of shooting and the place of shooting, can sometimes turn out to be insufficient. The supplementary authorizations provided by competent ministries or organization can often be submitted to the payment of a fee.